Kinder Coaching


What do you want for your child?




Should your child...

·         learn more simply

Do you wish that your child experiences a new method that will

help him or her to do the homework more simply?

·         reduce fears

Do you wish that your child learns a technique to reduce existing


·         solve problems more easily

Do you wish that your child knows how to solve problems by


·         find answers

Do you wish that your child finds answers within itself?

·         strengthen selfconfidence

Do you think that it makes sense, if your child builds up

selfconfidence with its own abilities?

·         increase creativity

Do you wish that your child discovers ist whole creativity?

·         increase efficiency

Do you wish that your child becomes more efficient by losing

restlessness, nervousness and tension?

·         have more fun when it is learning

Do you wish that your child masters balancedly any demands?

·         have more fun in his whole life

Do you wish that your child reduces aggresions, inhibitions and



                             Questions, children always ask themselves:

·    What do others think of me?

·    Am I good enough?

·    Can I master this?


          The way that leads to the real SELF of your child can be

          reached by Kids-Coaching, but without struggles, fights or




                            Coaching can fulfill this


          ·    Coaching is a personal advice and accompany. It

                provides help for

                changing old patterns of behaviour and thinking.

          ·    Coaching offers security, respect, selfconfidence and

                courage. Coaching shows the way towards loving

                oneself and happiness.

          ·    Coaching takes fun and laughter back into the life of

                your child.

          ·    Coaching is appropriate for all children (and parents),

                who suffer from stress, are nervous, feel listlessness,

                fear of failure, less selfconfidence, problems with

                concentration, fear of exams or „black outs“.

          ·    The journey into the real SELF renders liberation of old

                patterns and blockades.



                Today you can help your child changing

              its life into a masterpiece!